What is your prayer to God after reading this?
Thank you Lord for my life, I pray that you will use me to further your kingdom in anyway that you decide and I accept your love and grace for meAmen
thats something really really hard understand!!!!!
I pray for healing of my sister, nephew and all those who are suffering from diseases. Pray for me to increase my faith and trust in God.

Why do you give pain to innocent children, are you evil?

I pray churches can truly accept and love same sex couples as they do any couples. Love only love is His way . Please God give us a way together that loves you.
I pray the church moves beyond passing judgement on folk in same sex relationships and focuses on how it might better evangelise this unreached people-group.
I pray for those in fear of terrorist attacks, particularly in England
oh lord thy kingdom come come soon lord jesus amen
I pray for the refugees desperate on the borders of Myanmar.
I have terminal cancer. I am 34.
The people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Praying Gods spirit touches Christians, so theyre empowered by the truth of His word. Understanding God[nbsp]

I pray for Ben that he may find his place in the world
Dear God please forgive me my sins. Please be my saviour Jesus. Please grant me a tiny place in eternity surrounded by your boundless love.
I pray for my friend who has been conned out of her savings by someone she thought was a friend.
I pray that people who lost their homes and families in the Grenfell Tower will be comforted and helped in their distress.
Lord you have done amazing things in my life - Thank you, Pat x
To find a church home where I belong
I pray for the whole country after the shock of the election. Lord bring us peace.
Pray for Davey, who urgently needs a job

What is your prayer to God after reading this?

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